Set Up Braintree

Reach new segments with a single integration that gives you access to multiple currencies, global markets, and popular payment methods including PayPal, cards, wallets, and more in a single integration. Braintree’s innovative payments technology, scalable solutions, and legendary white-glove support are backed by one of the world’s largest and most trusted fintech brands.

The following steps will guide you through the process of setting up your Braintree account; this guide assumes that you have a Braintree account and that you’re ready to star processing real transactions.


In order to create our new Braintree gateway we first need to access our CRM admin and go to the Settings option listed on the left menu. If you can not see this option it is most likely that your user does not have enough permissions to do this action. Please ask your system administrator to update your user’s permissions.

After clicking on the Settings tab, more options will be listed and the one we’ll use is the Gateways tab from the menu.

Then we need to click on the plus button located on the low right side of your screen.

After clicking this button a new drawer will list all the different gateways that are available using with your CRM module. From the list we must select the Braintree option and a brand new integration form will be rendered. This form is the one will complete with the required credentials.

On this step, we need to open a new tab in our browser and access our Braintree account, we’ll obtain all the credentials and then come back later to finish the form. Access the Braintree’s panel on


And log in with your credentials.

Create API Keys

Now that we have gain access to our Braintree panel, we need to visit the API section, on the top right section of your screen, you’ll see a button with a gear icon, click on it and select the API option from the list.

Now that we are in the API section we’ll first generate a new API key, find the API Keys section and if you have previously created a key, then copy it and keep it handy as we’ll need it later. If this is your first API key, click on the Generate New API Key; as soon as we clicked on the button a new key will be listed. The first column is our Public Key and it will be used for rendering Braintree’s form wherever we want to use it (Funnel’s checkout page, CRM Admin, Invoices or Member-site). The second column contains our Private Key, as the name indicates this key must not be shared with anybody and we need to keep it safe as this is the key that will identify us to Braintree and the one we use for processing transactions.


Now that we have generated both our Public and Private Key please copy them and jump to the CRM tab in your browser and paste them on the Live Public Key and Live Private Key correspondingly.

Generate Tokenization Keys

On the same API section from the previous step, we will generate our tokenization key, this key will allow us to tokenize all credit cards that our clients use in our payment forms. Any sensitive information related to the credit card (PAN, CVV, etc) hits our server. We always work with a tokenized representation of the credit card. This is how we protect the customer’s credit card information from non desired access.

Click on the Generate New Tokenization Key and immediately a new key will be listed. As we did on the previous step, we copy this key and paste it on the Live Tokenization Key input on our new Braintree’s form that we have on our CRM Tab.

Merchant ID

Without leaving the API section where we’ve stayed during the last steps, right on the bottom of the page we’ll see our Merchant ID, this value will help Braintree to identify our Merchant on each of the transactions that will be processing.

Repeating the process we’ll copy the Merchant ID and paste it on the Live Merchant ID available on our new form.

Merchant Account

This last step is optional and it should be taking into account only if you have multiple merchant accounts. Usually a merchant will have multiple merchant accounts when they charge using different currencies for example an account using US Dollars, Mexican Pesos, Canadian Dollars etc.

If this is your case it is Important to explicitly notify Braintree which merchant account we want to use for processing transactions.

Jump to the top side of the screen and click over the Business tab. Once the section finishes loading we will select the required merchant account from the list. This value must be paste it on the Live Merchant Account input (optional) from our Braintree’s form in our CRM. If we do not set a value on this input, Braintree is going to use the Default Merchant Account from the list. Now that we have completed this input all transactions will be processed using the currency related to the specified merchant account and the funds will be transferred to the linked bank account.

Merchant Account

Now that we have completed all the inputs in our Braintree form we can save the changes and don’t forget to enable the desired sources where we want to list braintree as a payment option and enable the gateway if this is the case.