Phone Dialer

How to Use the Dialer and Manage Phone Settings 



The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you set up dialer and phone settings inside of the WebForce CRM 


Pre Requisites:

  • Active Webforce Account

  • Company phone numbers 

  • Geo locations 

  • Tags


  • You can access the dialer by navigating to Settings and then Phone Dialer



  • Here lives your Phone Settings Dashboard. You can manage each of these sections by clicking Manage. For now, the phone Icon is where you can access the physical dialer



  • Here is the dial pad. As you can see there are many icons, we will go over each one individually. 


  • This is for TESTING


  • This is the STATUS of your dialer


  • You can click the drop down and select one of the options from this drop down list. 

  • The phone symbol is the actual dial pad. It also is the number you are calling from. This can be changed by selecting the drop down. 


  • Here is your MESSAGES panel. You can receive and send text messages here  


  • This is your DIRECTORY. Clicking the More Options allows you to call or send a message to that particular person. 


  • Here is where you can see all your RECENT CALLS 



  • This is the display you will see when you are on an actual call. 

  1. Each Icon represents a different function listed on the image. 

    1. Directory 

      1. Pull up the lists of contacts 

    2. Mute

      1. Mute your line of the call 

    3. Hold

      1. Put the customer on hold while researching something or asking a question to a teammate 

    4. DialPad 

      1. If you need to call someone else and transfer

    5. Hold Music 

      1. Provide hold music while customer is waiting 

    6. Tags 

      1. Provide explanation of call with short tags like #sales, #problem, etc. 


  • This is the more options functions which allows you to: 


  • Record Settings: Choose how and how much you want to record your calls 


  • Voice Mail: Create a system VM or personal VM here 


  • Inbound Permissions: Set the permission of your team settings to take inbound calls and SMS messages. 


  • OK, now that we know how the physical dialer functions, let's go back to our Phone Dialer screen and start with default settings on the Main Phone Line: 

  • Here you can set your incoming message before an agent answers, the time to wait for someone to be reassigned a call, and you can view your default phone number.  


  • If you need more phone numbers you can view and purchase them here. 


  • View all your enabled phone numbers here, you can also delete numbers as well. 


  • Here you can add phones number so they will appear a certain way within the system. 


  • Edit your agents permissions here 


  • Here you can see all your agents in the system, their status in the dialer, and the attributes tied to them. You can edit the attributes by clicking the pencil icon


  • You can add a new attribute or edit the current one. In this example this agent CANNOT take inbound calls or handle inbound conversations. 

  • Manage extensions here


  • View all calls made in the system here. 


  • Here you you will see all calls in system, you can listen to the recordings and or download them for your records. You can also search for calls by date and by agent. 


  • Last is the Geo Locations


  • Here you can see all the potential countries you can connect with. You can flag countries by clicking the check box and clicking save 


  • Now you know how to thoroughly use the phone dialer and all of its functions within the platform! 



  • Company Phone numbers

  • Geo locations

  • Tags

  • Phone directory