How Do I Add a Pixel?


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you Add a Pixel inside the Webforce CRM


Pre Requisites:

  • WF account

  • Pixels

  • Snippet Name

  • Tag Type

  • Special ID

You can add pixels through the settings area and the funnels. 


Through Settings


  • In the WebForce platform go to Settings and click Pixel



  • Click the Add Button



  • Here you will add your pixel information.


  • Here you will add the: 

    • Name 

    • Tag type 

    • Special ID


  • For custom this area will pop up


  • You can add the custom block of code from here. 

  • Once you are set, click Save 

  • You will be able to view all your pixels and code additions here


For Funnels 


  • Navigate to Funnels


  • Choose the funnel and click the more options button and select edit 

  • Navigate to Pixel 


  • Select Pixel or add new pixel following the same instructions in the set up section above


Check List:

  • Log in to Webforce

  • Have Pixels ready

  • Snippet Name

  • Tag Type

  • Special ID