Sending Email In ActiveCampaign


Following this document will help you set up and send a proper email marketing campaign from within ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign Has 2 Main types of Email Campaigns that it sends out. Manual Email Campaigns & Automation Emails based on events & triggers.


Pre Requisites:

  • ActiveCampaign Login

  • Google Doc/Text for Email

  • Desired List/Segment to Send Email To

  • Tracking Link - If Any

  • Access To HasOffers




Creating/Utilizing Template

When sending an email you have the option to utilize a template or create an email from scratch. Depending on the purpose of the email, desired look & feel, signature etc.. The correct email template should be used. If one does not exist, use a blank and customize it. Any email campaign can be turned into a template for future use. 


Will Need:

ActiveCampaign Login


  1. Create a new procedure and add title of file to PLB#1 - Business Playbook in the name column.

  2. Link newly created procedure from the Playbook’s reference column.

  3. Create new procedure using the ADM#8 - Creation and Modification Guide.


Sending Email 

  1. Login To ActiveCampaign

  2. Select The Template For The Email being created. 

  3. Use a preexisting email or blank email if no template exists and customize to liking. 

  4. Name Email Campaign according to Internal Naming Standards. These Are not visible to customer, only to help us identify the email.

    1. EX. Email 1:Title of the email

  5. Select the appropriate List or segment that will receive this email. 

  6. Design & Customization: Place all copies and images into the email as needed. 

  7. Make sure to include any & all stylisting elements of text. Bold Text, Line Spacing, Color, Font, etc.. 

  8. Place All Links into document in correct areas. Mainly all logos, images, buttons, and or blue links should be clickable and contain the correct link. 

  9. Finalizing Email: Insert Subject Line & SubHead if applicable

  10. Verify the correct “From” & “Reply to” inputs

  11. Preview on the Desktop to see if the email is looking proper for mobile devices. 

  12. Send yourself and the department head a test email. 

  13. Review email in the browser to ensure everything looks good. 

  14. Read the email, and double-check for spelling and grammar. 

  15. Click all links and clickable items to ensure they are sent to the correct location. 



  • Active Campaign Login

  • Google Doc/Text for Email

  • Desired List/Segment to Send Email To

  • Tracking Link - If Any

  • Access To HasOffers