Dialer/Twilio Integration


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you set up your Dialer within the Webforce CRM


Pre Requisites:

  • CRM Access

  • SID Account

  • Phone Number

  • Domain



  • You can access the dialers either from the Set Up Dashboard or by going to Integrations and selecting Twilio

  • Or by going to Integrations and selecting Twilio

  • For this walkthrough we will be going through the Set Up Dashboard

  • Click Dialer

  • Here you will be brought to the Twilio integration screen. You will need to have a Twilio account set up prior to this step.

  • Once here you will need to add in your phone number in the Caller ID field 

  • The Account Sid and Auth Token are found on your Twilio account dashboard.

  • Your Caller ID is Whichever active phone number you choose. So go back to Twillio and navigate to Develop and then Active Numbers

  • When putting this phone number into WebForce keep it in the INTERNATIONAL format

    1. +1 123 456 7891

  • The last section is your incoming Message, which is the first message your caller will hear when they call into your dialer.

    • You have 300 characters to utilize for this message. 

  • Once you have all information entered your WebForce section should look like this 

  • The task reservation key is the number before you move the caller over to the next agent.

  • Once all information is entered, click Save 

  • You will get a notification that the integration is successful.

  • The last step is to go back into the integration and click Enabled.

  • Now your dialer is ready to be in use! 


How to verify if the gateway/ integration is working:

  • Once you have finish setting up your dialer head to the CRM. 

  • Click on the phone icon on the Upper right hand side of the screen.

  • Make a test call to yourself to verify that the dialer has been set up correctly.



  • CRM Access

  • SID Account

  • Phone Number

  • Domain