Klaviyo Integration


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you set up your Klaviyo account inside the Webforce CRM.


Pre Requisites:

  • An active Klaviyo account

  • API Keys

  • Default user for notification

  • Tags


1 - We assume that you already have a account created with Audience List on Klaviyo


2 - We need to create an API key, for this we go to the bottom of the dasboard where our profile is located and then settings

3 - Select the "API Keys" tab and then press the button to create private API Key


4 - The new key will appear and we press the pencil icon to give it an identifying name (we recommend "WebforceIO")

5 - if we press the eye icon we can see the private key we must copy it that we will use later

6 - Now we go to the WebforceIO CRM Integrations module

7 - We search by the name of Klaviyo and press configure

8 - We fill out the form to create the integration

  8.1 - We place an alias to identify the integration.

  8.2 - We place the API Key that we created in the Klaviyo account.

8.3 - We select the default user that will receive notifications of any failure in the  integration with Klaviyo.

 8.4 - We press save


9 -  In the edit window we complete the advanced configuration of the integration

9.1 - Tag Prefix: is the prefix with which the tags coming from the CRM will be identified.

9.2 - Tags: the list of default labels that the leads coming from the CRM will carry.

9.3 - List: the list of members to which the leads will be added (this must be created in the klaviyo panel).

9.4 - Product Tags: in this section you can control the type of labels that will be added to the lead coming from the products.

9.5 - Repeated tags: In this section you can control the type of labels that will be added to the lead coming from the transactions and if you want the labels to be repeated.

9.6 - Enable: Here you can activate or deactivate the integration.

9.7 - Press Save to save the changes.


10 - In the notifications tab we control the events that will trigger the sending of the lead or the labels to Klaviyo.