Editing User Roles


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you set up roles for employees and customers.


Pre Requisites:

  • Employee 

  • Customers

  • Email address


You can edit users' roles and permissions by using this walkthrough, you also can add custom roles so all your business needs are filled! 


  • Navigate to employee or customers and click on the corresponding email address. 



  • Click on View Customer Profile



  • Click on the settings cog under the users name 


  • This will bring up a screen when you can edit the users roles. 


  • Under the need help button, click. 

  • Here you can see that you can easily view all the roles and everything that they will have access to. 


  • Each section drops down and you can select what the user role can and cannot view. 

  • You also have the ability to create a custom role by clicking the plus sign. 

  • Example: You may have a hybrid admin and sales role, this person will need access to all sales tools as well as all CRM tools, you can easily just select what you would like this particular user to see. 



  • Employee 

  • Customers

  • Email address