Drip Schedule


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you set up a drip schedule for your digital content.


Pre Requisites:

  • Digital content

  • Products

  • Funnels


  • 1). First you click on products:



  • Once in products you click on the 3 dots on the far right of the product you have created digital content to.



  • After you click  on the three dots it will take you to a new pop up and you must click on digital content:


  • You must add digital content by clicking the  blue plus sign on the far right side, then it will take you to a pop up which will give you the option to choose from new content or existing content:


  • If you select create new content, it will give you options from content you would like to set up, then you must give it a title and if you want to make it paid digital content or a demo:


  • If you choose existing content it will have you choose from the one you have created, once you have chosen the content you will see it added in the main menu and you can click on drip schedule:


  • Once you have clicked on drip schedule it will give you the option to either click on drip rules or the schedule, click on drip rules:

  • On the drip rules you will be able to establish after what day you can set up to be shown on the schedule. If you choose after 1 day you can put it to be shown on the schedule on the second day, if you decide to put it after two days you can set it up to be shown after the 3rd day on the calendar schedule but not before, if you chose after 0 days it will be shown immediately, click save:


  • Next you need to set up the schedule on the calendar, you can set it up if you only want it for one day a week, a month its up to you:  


  • If you put what you want after 1 day and you go to add digital content on the first day you will not see anything, to add content to a certain day you click on the 3 dots for the date you want, and then to the blue plus sign. For this example, we will show you what happens if you try to add content on day one


  • You will not find anything in the content as you set up the first content to be allowed after 1 day meaning the second day.


Now if you click on day two:


  • You will the content your allowing to be shown on day two click on it and save.


  • Now you can see it on your calendar, and you can pick it from the day forth and you can add multiple content for a day. If you go to day three you will see more content as you allowed the second one to be shown after 2 days:



  • Digital content

  • Products

  • Funnels

  • Titles to the drip content