Setting Up Commissions

Creating Commissions


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you set up commissions inside of the Webforce CRM. 


Pre Requisites:

  • WF account

  • Commission percentages being applied.



Set up commissions for your sales staff. 


  • On the left side menu click Settings and then Commissions.



  • Click new commission:



  • Click configure


  • Here you can see there are plenty of different ways to configure your team's commission structure. A team member can get commission for:

    • Subtotal 

    • Shipping 

    • Gateways 

    • External Gateways 

    • Hard cost 

  • Once you decide the structure hit continue 

  • You can also give your team commissions from subscriptions. You can also decide they get no commission and can leave these fields blank.



  • For the purpose of this walkthrough we are going to add commission for subscriptions


  • You are able to set the percentage, and if the commission period expires and when it will. 

  • Once you have decided the commission structure for subscriptions, click continue.


  • Here you can decide if you want to customize the refund process when it comes to your sales staff or leave it the default. 

  • Once clicking finish on the previous screen you will be able to see your commission structure. Hit Continue.


  • Once everything looks correct, click finish 

  • Now you will repeat the process to do Shop and Funnel. Once that is completed you will come to Settings.


  • Add the name/label for your commission and the dates where the commission will be applicable 

  • Once completed you can see your commissions here:


  • You can easily add additional commission structure by clicking the blue plus sign in the right corner. 



  • Log into Webforce

  • Have your commission percentage in hand

  • Set percentages for admin, shop, funnel

  • Set commission dates

  • Save changes