Subscription Dashboard Reports


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you download and gather all the information that would be useful regarding any subscription plans that are being sold in your CRM. Keep in mind you can only look at subscription reports up to the date that you are generating the report. 


Pre Requisites:

An active CRM

Active Subscription plan


  • Setting up your WebForce subscription dashboard report is simple and easy. Follow these steps: Click on Dashboard option and then look for the 3 dots in the top right corner



  • Select "View All Dashboards"



  • Here you can see all the dashboards available to you through the CRM. Click on Subscriptions Dashboard


  • Here you will see all the information pertaining to your subscriptions plans


  • This will show you all your current active subscriptions and your projected revenue as well as the average time clients are in the subscription


  • This will show you where your subscriptions are coming from if its new or rebill and the total being charged


  • This will show you the subscriptions that have been cancelled


  • This will show you a graph giving you detailed information about First, Recurrent, Upcoming, First/recurrent payments.


  • You can change period time:


  • You can view the graph by products:


  • You can also view your report by source channel:


  • Through the subscriptions section in the CRM you can also view your reports by clicking here:



  • Active CRM 

  • Active Subscription plans