Setting Up a Coupon


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you set up a coupon or discount for a specific order, product or offer. 


Pre Requisites:

  • Coupon Code

  • Products and offers created

  • funnels created


Set up coupons for your shop with a few simple steps.

  • We assume that you have already created your products, subscription plans, offers and funnels before looking to create a coupon code. 

  • On the left side menu under tools click Coupons. Click ADD A COUPON



  • Here you can see steps to set up your coupon:



  • Add a name for your coupon

  • Add a coupon code

  • Decide how you want customers to use this discount.

    • Unlimited redemptions: amount of times coupon can be claimed

    • Unlimited customer redemptions: amount of times coupon can be claimed by each customer.

  • What will this coupon be applied to?

    • Order: Coupon will apply to all items within an order

    • Offer: Coupon will apply to an offer within the order

    • Product: Specific product within order or offer.


  • When will the coupon expire?


  • Choose a date and time your coupon will be active till

  • Finally, pick what type of discount you are offering:


  • If you would like to set up a coupon that activates after a certain amount of time for a subscription plan you would click here


  • Select the numbers of periods you want to apply for the use of this coupon.


  • In this example we are showing we are selecting 2 periods for the step above and the first period of the subscription will not have a discount but they second month will have a 50% discount. This section is were you would select that information. 


  • Once you have everything inputted, click save

  • Your coupon will now appear in the coupon section of WF and you can edit the coupon or look at the analytics of it

  • You can now use this coupon in your funnel or shop page. 



  • Make sure you have an active domain

  • Coupon Code