How to Create an Invoice/Quote

What is an invoice: An invoice is an email that is sent to a customer who is interested in a product. Very useful if customer is in a rush. All you need is the email address and the product they are interested in, then an invoice can be sent and when the customer gets a chance they will pay for the product.



The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you create an invoice and quote page.

Pre Requisites:

  • Contacts 

  • Customers

  • email addresses

  • Cart page

  • Payment method


  • First you will navigate down to contacts and then to customers



  • Click on the customers email address and this screen will pop up:



  • Next you will click create order 

  • This is the order screen: 


  • Click on the green plus sign to add your various products or offers into the cart.


  • This screen will appear and then you will click add to order


  • If everything is in your cart, click continue. You will see this screen next


  • Make sure your customers information is correct and you will need to have an email address on file or be able to provide it here. Once everything is correct. Click continue.


  • You will need to provide a phone number for your customer as well. Click the blue plus sign to add a number or it will automatically populate like so. Click continue 


  • Provide the customer's address or it will automatically populate here. Click continue


  • Here is where you will enter your customers payment information or it will populate. If you click the three dots you can edit payment information with the pencil tool or add a new method with the plus sign of payment.


  • Once the payment information is squared away, click continue.

  • Here you can review your order and make sure all information is correct. You also have the option to apply a coupon if applicable. 

  • Once you are satisfied with your order, click "send quote" 


  • This screen will show you the information for your quote, you can edit the email(s) and numbers the invoice/quote will be sent to.


  • Select how long you want your invoice/quote to be active for:


  • You also can create a custom time frame. 

  • Once finished click "send quote"


  • In the orders panel you will see your order as "sale pending" and it will have a "quote" label listed.


  • Once the invoice has been paid the label will change to "sale approved" 



  • Contacts 

  • Customers

  • email addresses

  • Cart page

  • Payment method