Issuing a Chargeback

Issuing a Chargeback  



The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you make a chargeback.


Pre Requisites:

  • Customer

  • orders

  • Reason for the chargeback


Easily process chargebacks with this walkthrough 


  • Who can process a chargeback? 

    • Customer service role

    • Admin role

    • Sales manager role

    • Super admin role 

  • On the left side menu click Orders and then click the order #.



  • This screen will appear with all order and customer information.



  • Click the three dots in the right lower corner and click chargeback:


  • Once you click chargeback you will be brought to this screen:


  • You have to provide a reason for the chargeback:


  • Input the reason for the chargeback- if you choose Other you can add a short description


  • Once you have input the reason, click save

  • If all information looks correct, click chargeback. This will begin the chargeback process within the system. 


  • Here you can see that now the chargeback is open within the system with the reason listed in in the red section.  


  • You can also see the order here on the order screen:


  • A chargeback can take a few months depending on what the customer's banking institution policy is, there is no set time amount. 



  • Customer

  • orders

  • Reason for the chargeback