Creating a Test Order


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you create a test order to ensure that everything is working properly. 

Pre Requisites:

  • Funnel page

  • Products

  • Gateways active with test token credentials

  • Test Credit card

Note for test transactions: 

When we place test transactions that go through any integration, we will apply the "Test" word in the name field and in the address field, so please be sure that your fulfillment center knows this is a test order


Lets enable Test Mode

Go into your WebForce Instance and click your account icon. Then click “Test Mode”


You will copy a link to your clipboard.

Let's test on the funnel

Once you have done this, we recommend to open a new incognito window.

For this example, we are going to pretend the funnel to test is

Paste the test token at the end like this:

You will see a test banner on your website. You are now in test mode and can make test transactions.


Go through the steps of Personal Information and address to create an order as you usually do

If your company uses google workspace (and this works with several others) you can use aliases for your email account, lets say your email is you need to add a + between the handle and the @ something like this with this you have a brand new email to test transactions

On the Payment information you need to know what gateway you are using to use the correct credit card to use for the testing; below you will find a list of all the Test Credit Cards

Select the Test credit card appropriate to your gateway, and be sure to add an expiration date in the future. 

If you have enabled the order receipt, and welcome email (this only gets triggered once per customer) check your invoice and look for those email messages.

Double Check Fulfillment to make sure the test was sent to the correct location.

How to check for Test Transactions on WebForce

You have to add the test transactions filter to see the orders in the system as an administrator.


In the "orders filters" you have to select the "test" option in order for the system to show you all of the test transactions.




  • A funnel page

  • Products are up

  • test credit card

  • Active Gateways