Force environment to testing


Designing a Funnel can occasionally become frustrating when you need to repeatedly generate a test token and manually insert it into the URL to test the checkout and upsells. To simplify this process, we've introduced a method to activate Funnel test mode without needing a test token.

Utilizing this feature will place the entire funnel into test mode, so exercise caution and refrain from using it in live funnels.

Pre Requisites:

  • A Funnel has already been created.


  • Go to the Funnels index.

  • Edit on your Funnel.

  • Go to Metadata.

  • Add a new metadata key.

  • For the key, use force_test_mode, and for the value, use true.

  • When you visit the funnel page, you will notice it is in test mode.

  • When you finish your testing and want to place the funnel in live mode, either delete the metadata field or update it to false.



When you visit another funnel within the same domain (a live one), you may notice the test mode flag. However, rest assured that this live funnel won't be in test mode for others. The presence of the test mode flag is due to a parameter we employ at the domain level. To view this funnel in its regular live mode, clear the test mode setting.