How To Create Membersite


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you create a member site.


Pre Requisites:

  • Domain

  • URL

  • Theme


  • On the left side menu click Settings and then Membership Site



  • Click Create Membersite

  • Choose Domain , click continue



  • Select the path for your membersite


  • Select root or make a custom URL 

  • Click Continue 

  • Here are the default page URLS, you can back and change these later or leave them as the default.


  • Click Continue 

  • Here you will choose the theme for your membersite out of some pre-designed templates.


  • You can back in and brand and customize these at any time using the editor tool. 

  • Once you have selected your theme, don’t forget to click save

  • Once you have saved you have created your membersite and will be taken to this screen. 

  • Here on this screen you can see your membersite pages that you can easily edit. 


  • You can edit any path on these pages by clicking the pencil icon

  • Click appearance to edit the look and feel and be taken to the editor tool. 


  • Editing the Layout will affect the entire member site. It is to build the header and footer of all your pages. 

  • Editing each individual page will affect that specific page. All editing is done using the editor tool 



  • Domain

  • URL

  • Theme