How to Create Members Site

How to Create a Members site 


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you set up your member's site so your customers can view their products after purchasing items or signing up for memberships (monthly subscriptions).


Pre Requisites:

  • An active domain path

  • Custom URL or you can use the root URL

  • The theme that you're going to use for your member site


  • On the left side menu click Settings and thenMembership Site

  • Click Create Member site

  • Choose Domain, click continue


  • Select the path for your membersite


  • Select root or make a custom URL 

  • Click Continue 

  • Here are the default page URLs, you can back and change these later or leave them as the default.


  • Click Continue 

  • Here you will choose the theme for your member site out of some pre-designed templates.




  • Checklist:

Make sure you have an active domain


Have in hand theme to use for member site