Adding Subscription Plans


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you set up your subscription if you have not done so after adding your products. This will show you how to add a subscription plan through the "subscription plan" tab available in our CRM. 


Pre Requisites:

  • Products already created in the system

  • Prices and descriptions

  • Subscription plan periods

  • Product images 

  • Review Adding Your Products if you haven't done so already 

  • To pick up where you left off, you will click Subscription Plans 


  • Here is the screen where you can view all your plans for this particular product. Click the plus sign to add additional plans. 


  • Here you will follow the steps to add your plan. First, you will need to name your plan. Click continue


  • Choose the payment period for your plan, you have plenty of options to choose from. 


  • Once you have chosen, you will need to also select if your plan is ongoing or if it's for a specific period of time. and if you will be offering a free trial or not 


  • Just like your product, you can select which selling channel your plan will be available


  • Next you will name the price of your plan. 


  • Lastly, you can decide when your customers will be notified of an upcoming payment. 


  • Once you have completed all steps make sure to click save 


  • Once you've saved, you will see your plan displayed here and you can look at the plan in more detail, add metadata, or delete. 


  • When clicking Show, you will be taken to this area and you can also edit the plan here as well. 


  • You can add as many subscription plans as you like. 


  • Products created 

  • Subscription prices and descriptions

  • Content for subscription (images)