Limit on offer purchases

You can add a limitation on offer purchases. By default, anyone can purchase the same offer unlimited. But you can limit the offer to be acquired a finite amount of times. Let’s see how to do this.

Purchase limit inside the offer

  • On the edit offer view in the admin, you can select Unlimited o ar value between 1-100

  • After you select it, click on save.

  • If you chose any option different than Unlimited, the same customer could purchase the offer a maximum of times equivalent to the option selected.

We also take into consideration the phone number and the address being used in the purchase. So this means that if other customers (different email) have purchased with the same phone/address, those purchases will count for the current client. This is only an extra layer of validation to avoid people of creating new accounts only to skip this validation.

Setting up a custom limit for a customer/lead

Now, if, for any reason, you need to allow a certain customer to have a custom limit on an offer, you are also able to set this up:

  • Go to the lead/customer profile.

  • Go to the Limits menu.

  • Here you will see the current custom limits added before (if exists). Click on the plus button.

  • Select the offer and the limit and click on save.

  • Now in this list, you can update the limit or remove it.

  • Remember that this custom preference takes more importance than the purchase limit defined on the offer.

If you need a custom or offer limit greater than 100 (different than Unlimited) please contact customer support.