Offer alias

We just added a new field to the offers called Alias. This will help you to identify them inside the admin/editor. When you deal with the problem of having more offers with the same name (remember that the name field is used for marketing purposes. It is displayed in funnel/shop pages and order receipts), but you could not distinguish between them. Now it is possible to add a different alias to any offer. When working on the admin or the editor, you will know exactly what offers are displayed because of its alias.

Let's see how to use it.

Create offer

When you create an offer, the name will be the same as its alias. If you want a different label for the alias, this can be done in the update offer view.

Update offer

Here you can put any label for the alias; we strongly suggest you do no repeat aliases across different offers because this field was made to identify an offer precisely.

Now in the offer index, you will see this:

These two offers have the same name, but they have a different alias, so now you have an easy way to differentiate them.

We included the alias in all of these sections:

  • Admin

    • Offer index.

    • Offers inside the funnels module.

    • Offers inside the coupons module.

    • Offers inside the bubbles module.

    • In the admin dashboards, here we only show the alias, the name is not displayed.

  • Editor

    • Selector components for offers in the checkout/upsells.