Deactivating a user

We have a process for deactivating user accounts. When doing this, the user won’t be able to access the system unless you activate it again. Let’s see how to do this.

  • Go to the customer or employee details view of the user to deactivate.

  • Click on the settings button.

  • Click on the Deactivate button.

    • You won't be able to deactivate an employee with a higher role than you.

    • You won’t be able to deactivate an employee who is a team leader. You would need to remove it from the teams led by him first.

  • Now you will see this window.

  • If you check the Allow contact to be reactivated with future purchases field, it means the user will be automatically activated if his email is used in any future purchase. If you don’t check it, the email is added to a blocking list to avoid any purchase from it, preventing automatic reactivation. So, we strongly recommend you not check this field when you want to block someone forever (unless you manually activate him again).

  • Click on Deactivate.

  • Now this action performs these processes:

    • On customers and employees:

      • The account is deactivated, and the user cannot log in again.

      • Current tokens are revoked, so if the user is currently logged in, his following requests will be rejected.

      • Active subscriptions are canceled.

    • Only in employees:

      • The opportunities assigned to the user are transferred to his team leader. If he were not part of a team, they would be assigned to the leader of the first team.

      • If the employee is part of a sales team, he will be removed.

Activating a user again.

  • If the user is an employee, go to the employee's index. If it is a customer, go to the customer index.

  • Click on the advanced filters button on the top right section.

  • Select Inactive users and click on Apply.

  • Go to the detail view of the user to activate.

  • Click on the settings button.

  • Click on activate.

  • Click on activate.

  • Now this user can log in again.


Take into consideration that activating again a user doesn’t revert the changes made during the deactivation. The user will be able to log in again but the subscriptions are canceled, and if the user wants to renew them you need to do it manually. Opportunities an team assignations are lost, you would need to add the user to a sales team again.