How to create a notification channel

Introduction & Previous Concepts

A notification channel is basically the way that will be used to notify events. We can add many channels as needed, and we can reuse them in any event available. This means that we should only add them once.


  1. In the menu, go to Integrations.

  2. Click on Configuration in the System Notifications card.

  3. Go to the Channels tab.

  4. Click on the Add button on the bottom right.

  5. You will see a form like this.

  6. For the Alias channel, you can use any name that helps you easily identify it among other channels.

  7. The Method field is basically what kind of channel will be used, depending on the selected option this can add extra fields at the bottom. The available methods are:

    1. Email: The notification will be delivered to the specified email.

    2. Sms: This option only will be available if you have a Twilio account set up in the system.
      You can select the phone where the SMS will be sent, and also, you must specify the Country and the phone of the receiver.

    3. Postback URL: Use this to make a postback (an HTTP Post request) to a certain URL. Optionally, you can provide a Basic or Bearer token if your endpoint is protected.

      When we make this request, a Content-Type header with the application/json value is set. If you provided the token and authorization type, an Authorization header will be included too, and the Bearer|Basic token will compound the value. For example, Bearer mytoken. Keep this in mind because if your endpoint is not capable of working with these headers you would need either to use another or make the needed changes on your end. Finally, we strongly recommend you always provide a secure URL (HTTPS) because insecure URLs could be rejected.

    4. Google chat: Helpful when you want to notify a Space previously created in Google Chat. You only need to provide the webhook URL of your Space. To obtain it follow these steps:

      1. Go to your GChat Desktop or Web app.

      2. Go to the Space you will use.

      3. Click on the top left arrow > Manage webhooks.

      4. If you don’t have any webhook, a form to create a new one will appear. Create it and grab the URL. On the contrary, you can copy any of your current webhooks URLs. Remember that despite having webhooks, you can always create a new one if needed.

  8. After configuring your method, you can click on Save, and now your channel is ready to be used by a notification event.