How to Resend a System Notification When It Fails


The purpose of this walkthrough is to show you how to resend a Systems Notification event when it fails in a particular order notification panel. 

This is useful for when your endpoint in crashing and the order is not making it to it.


Pre Requisites:

  • WF account access

  • Access to orders


  • Go to Orders. Then click on the order that failed to go through



  • A panel will open up from the right hand side of the screen with your orders details and information. Then click where it says Notifications



  • Another panel will open up indicating that the System Notification has "Failed". Then click the 3 dots and you will see the option to click on "Retry". Hit "Retry" and you're all set.


How to check if it worked:

  1. Exit the Notifications panel and reopen it

  2. When you reopen it should say "Successful"




  • Access to platform

  • Access to orders