Creating data for the Social Proof Bubble

Social Proof Bubble Data



The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you add data to your social bubble proof in order to show it in your funnel pages. 


Pre Requisites:

Social Bubble Proof created in funnels

Live or Mock data 

  • Go to Tools and click on "bubbles"



  • Click on the + sign in order to add a new data channel



  • Fill out all of the information required

  • Channel Alias: Name that you will give to this data channel 

  • What kind of feed: Will you be showing real data or mock up data

  • How many records: how many different records are you looking to show in your social proof bubble


  • Continue filling out info


  • What items do you want to include: do you want to show your products and offers

  • Products to include: all of your products or a customized amount of them 

  • Offers to include: all of your offers or a customized amount of them


  • If you selected customize on products or offers in the previous step, you will have to select which offers or products you are looking to add.


  • Select the Geography you want to show in the social proof bubble. you want records from all over the world or from specific sections.


  • Go into your funnel page where you have your social bubble proof set up. Open up the builder tool for your funnel page and click on the top left corner menu.


  • Open up your components by clicking the + sign and select "Social Proof Bubble"


  • Click on the paintbrush symbol that appears above your social proof bubble in order to open up the social proof bubble builder tool menu


  • Select bubble Channel Feed and select the channel data you created.


  • Once you are finished make sure you published the page


  • Your social bubble proof will now show the information that you have created. 



-create the channel data in the system 

-add the channel you created to the social bubble proof in your funnel 

-save and publish your pages