Abandoned Cart Walkthrough

Abandoned Cart Walkthrough



The purpose of this walkthrough is to show you how to turn on the abandon cart event in the WF platform for it to send the contacts information to your marketing platforms when your customers abandon the cart.


Pre Requisites:

  • WF Access


  • Activate the abandoned cart event within the marketing integration (It is the same configuration for all marketing integrations)



  • We must go in the checkout component to the marketing configurations



  • We must place the ID of the list that we want to use to subscribe the users, this list id is obtained differently in each of the marketing integrations from your control panel


  • In the Abandoned tags they will be the tags that will be added to the contact both in our CRM and in the different marketing integrations, they will be added when pressing enter


  • In Abandoned Time the time that is considered to label a cart as abandoned is placed. default is 30 minutes



  • Login into WF

  • Go to the funnel cart you wish to add the abandoned cart

  • Follow the steps in the walkthrough