Adding Teams

Setting Up a Team



The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you set up your different team if you have a call center set up.


Pre Requisites:

  • Team members

  • Team leader


  • Click on Teams on the left side menu. Here you can view all your current offers here



  • Click the blue plus sign to add additional teams



  • A team will be utilized if you have a call center-type model for your business.

  • Add your

    • Team Name,

    • The Leader of your team from the drop-down

    • Mark free for interval as 0-1 so that your agents can see all opportunities and customers that may come through

      • The section free for all intervals is used for search filters inside opportunities. An agent can use the option "free for all" as a filter and it will not only search inside his opportunities but inside of the total pull of opportunities. If the option "free for all intervals" is activated the agent will only be able to search for the opportunities created before the days you specify in the image sent. For example: if you put "1", the agent will only be able to search inside the pull for opportunities created yesterday and before that. Let me know if that makes sense. 

  • Remember to click save when you’re done!



  • Team members

  • Team leader