Setup Authorize Gateway

WFIO system has the capability of processing charges using, if we want to setup this gateways we’ll need to navigate to the merchants login site

Once on this screen we’ll have to enter our username and password in order to gain access to the main panel.

Once we entered to Authorize using our credentials we can jump on another tab to our WFIO CRM admin and go to Settings and click on the Gateways option from the menu.

Once we clicked on the gateways option we’ll see a list of all the gateways previously configured in our system. If we click on the + button we’ll start the setup process of a new gateway. From the list displayed we need to select the gateway

After selecting the option, a new form will be displayed with the following required fields.

  • Name

  • Live Api Login ID

  • Live Transaction Key

  • Live Public Client Key

We’ll describe how to get this parameters from the panel in the lines below.

The first field required Name is a friendly name that we will use for identifying this new gateway, the name could be any alphanumeric value and spaces are also allowed; try to keep the name simple.

Now we need to jump back to our panel, the first screen we see after login with our credentials is the Home section like the image below.

The first key we’ll get is the Live API Login ID, on the Home menu there’s an option called Security Settings, under this menu we’ll need to click on the API Credentials & Keys

The next screen will display the Login ID key, please make sure to copy this key due we’ll need it later

On this same screen, below the Login ID we see a Create New Keys section, from this section we’ll generate our second required key called Live Transaction Key. If this is the first time creating a Live Transaction Key we just need to select the New Transaction Key option and then click on the Submit button. These actions will generate a new Transaction Key, it is very important to save this key in a safe place where we can consult it later, consider that this is the only time that will show this credential to us.

If we previously have generated a Transaction Key and we generate a new one, the old one will expire automatically in a period of 24 hours, please make sure that if we are going to generate a new key the old key is not being used anymore, otherwise payment will be rejected by

Now that we have the Live API Login ID and our Live Transaction Key we need to go back to the home page and click on the Manage Publick Client Key option unser the Security Settings menu

On this screen we’ll be able to generate a new Live Public Client Key

Just like happens with the Live Transaction Key, if this is a new key please make sure to save it in a safe place, this is the only time that will show us the key. If we need to generate another key the old one will expire in 24 hours.

Following the steps described above we can get all the required credentials for setting up a new gateway, now that we have all the keys we just need to return to our WFIO instance and paste the keys on their corresponding inputs.

After pasting all the credentials do not forget to save your changes and enable the gateway for the desired sources. After saving our changes the new gateway will be ready to process transactions using the API.