How do I reset my password?

How To Do a Password Reset 



The purpose of this walkthrough is to show you how to Reset your Password inside the Webforce CRM.


Pre Requisites:

  • WF account


In the WebForce platform, there are two ways to reset passwords if you or your teammates can’t get into the system. 


Resetting From Front End 

  • Click Forgot Password



  • Enter your email address and click Send Account



  • Follow instructions within email and login! 


Resetting Inside WebForce 

  • Navigate to the area you need the password reset for by going to contact and selecting employee or customer


  • Click the person’s email that you want to reset the password

  • Click View Customer Profile 


  • Next, you will click the settings tool at the center


  • Once here you will see the Reset Password button, Click


  • You will have the option to reset the password yourself or send password reset instructions directly. If you change the password, don’t forget to hit save! 

Check List:

  • WF account

  • Log in to Webforce