Editing URLS


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you redirect or change the path name or the funnels or shops you currently have active. 

Pre Requisites:

  • Active funnels and URL 

  • New URL


  • On the left side menu click Funnels, select the funnel you want to edit and click the more options button, and select edit



  • Here you will see the funnel screen



  • From here you will click the more options button on whatever URL you want to edit.


  • One here, under page information click the settings button

  • Here you will enter the new path for your URL and then toggle it on.


  • Once you have toggled it on, the page will begin redirecting! 


For Shop 

  • Navigate on the left hand side to Settings and down to Shop


  • Click shop path


  • If you want to change the main domain, under Shop Base Path click the settings button


Note: if you do make a change here it will be reflected across all pages/site


  • If you want to just change one of the individual pages, click the pencil


  • Once you have changed the path, click save!



  • Active funnels and shop pages

  • New URL