Payment Gateway

Setting Up Your Payment Gateway



The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you set up your payment gateway inside of the Webforce CRM. 


Pre Requisites:

  • WF Account

  • Payment Gateway information (live keys, test key and other information gathered from the gateway website)



Set up your payment gateway by easily integrating your gateway of choice. 



  • Click on the blue plus sign or “add payment gateway” 

  • Choose from the many options listed below and hit “configure”



  • Add product name 

  • After you hit configure you will see this screen: 


  • Enter in all relevant information but most importantly the API Key for live and test environments. 

  • Once info is enter make sure to select the selling channels for the gateway 


  • Then slide bar to enable the payment gateway


  • Then you will be able to view integration here and anytime you visit Gateway

How to verify if the gateway is working:

  • Perform a live transaction and a test transaction.

  • Follow this walkthrough to perform a test transaction: Creating a Test Order

  • After performing the transaction check your orders


  • To check a live order go to Orders and select the Order number as shown below


  • To check a Test order just go to Orders and click the Funnel icon on the top right corner


  • Once you have selected the Funnel icon the dropdown will appear, just select Test and Apply to view only the Test orders



  • Access to WF

  • Access to Gateway website