Conversions and Events using a Transaction ID (Old Version)

Offers set up


The purpose of this walkthrough is to show you Conversions and Events using a Transaction ID


Pre Requisites:

  • WF account

  • aff_id,

  • transaction_id,

  • offer_id


In the offers that you want to integrate with us be sure that they have this:

  • Your base destination URL must include the aff_id, transaction_id, and offer_id fields, other fields are optional and there is no problem if there are present. It should look like this:



  • So when your affiliate generates an URL to share, after the redirect that Everflow makes our system will be provided with those parameters to send them again in the conversions.

  • The conversion method needs to be set to “Server Postback”. This is important because we trigger conversions using postback requests.



Conversion and events

This Transaction ID will be used in the next situations that can happen inside a funnel. If you don’t provide an event id the base conversion will be triggered.


Duplicated conversions and events

It can be that in some situations you want to trigger the same conversion more than once inside a funnel. For example, on your cart page and in every upsell you want to trigger the base conversion (without using events). In that scenario be sure that “Allowed duplicate conversions” is enabled in the offer.


Like the previous situation, if you want to trigger many times the same event (you have many upsells in your funnel flow and all of them with the same event id), be sure that “Allowed duplicate events” is enabled in your event.


Check List:

  • Log in to Webforce

  • aff_id,

  • transaction_id,

  • offer_id