Setting Up Your Payment Gateway

Setting Up Your Payment Gateway


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you set up your Payment gateway into the CRM system using the necessary keys and credentials. This process will apply to most payment gateways. 


Pre Requisites:

  • Access to payment gateway

  • Access to API Key- API key test  


  • Click on the blue plus sign or “add payment gateway

  • Choose from the many options listed below and hit “configure”


  • Add product name 

  • After you hit configure you will see this screen:


  • Enter in all relevant information but most importantly the API Key for live and test environments. 

  • Once info is enter make sure to select the selling channels for the gateway


  • Then slide bar to enable the payment gateway


  • Then you will be able to view integration here and anytime you visit Gateway:


  • Once you have added the integration into the system you will need to go into your Payment gateway panel and add the Billing-ID and customer-ID to the response.

  • Start by clicking on settings inside your panel


  • Click on "API Configuration" i you do not see it in the menu click on "all settings"


  • You will then search for "Billing Address ID" and "Customer Vault ID" and move them from "available fields" to "Fields Returned"


  • Make sure you scroll to the bottom and click save


  • You will now be able to perform transactions using a Live card. 


How to verify if the gateway is working:

To check a live order go to Orders and select the Order number as shown below


To check a Test order just go to Orders and click the Funnel icon on the top right corner


Once you have selected the Funnel icon the dropdown will appear, just select Test and Apply to view only the Test orders



  • Payment gateway Account

  • API Keys

  • Access to standard keys