Adding Your Products


This walkthrough aims to help you set up your products on our CRM and sales page.


Pre Requisites:

  • Have a Product

  • UPC/SKU Number

  • Price, shipping price, and international shipping

  • Product image




Add your products with ease using the WebForce platform. 

  • On the left-hand side click on Products or on the Set Up Dashboard select Products


  • Click on Add New Product or blue plus sign in the right  corner

  • Add product name 

  • Brand name 

  • Category


  • You can create a category based on the type of product


  • Choose if this is a physical or digital product 


  • Add price

  • Add an image of the product 

  • You can crop the image to fit


  • Choose selling channels on the right side of the screen


  • Admin

  • Sales 

  • Funnels

  • Add UPC/SKU

  • If your product has variations (size, color, flavor) you will need to set those up as well 

  • Make sure to hit save once you are done and you will see your product here:



  • Product

  • Product Image

  • SKU Number

  • Price points

  • Funnel page

  • Shop page