Integration Overview


The integration between WebForceHQ CRM and Digistore24 enables seamless lead creation and management directly from Digistore24 webhook events. When a webhook is received, the system automatically creates leads in WebForceHQ CRM, ensuring uniqueness. Additionally, product information from the Digistore24 order is added to the lead as notes and tags for easy reference.


  • Automatic lead creation from Digistore24 webhook events.

  • Unique lead identification to prevent duplicates.

  • Addition of product information as notes and tags to leads.

Getting Started


  • WebForceHQ CRM account with access to the integrations section.

  • Digistore24 account ready for integration.


1. Access Integrations Section

  • Log in to your WebForceHQ CRM account.

  • Navigate to the integrations section.


2. Add New Integration

  • Look for the Digistore integration option and click on configure.

  • Provide a name for the integration and save it.

  • A URL will be assigned to the new integration; copy this URL for later use.





1. Set Up Digistore24 Connection

  • Click on "Add a New Connection."

  • From the Pros section, select Webhook



2. Configure Order Events

  • Add a name to this new webhook

  • Scroll downto the Send notifications for* and select

    • Orders by customers

    • Custom forms (For abandoned Carts)

    • Input of contact details on order forms (For abandoned Carts)


  • Scroll down and find the "For Order Event" section.

  • Check the checkboxes corresponding to the events: payment, payment denial.


3. Add WebForceHQ CRM Integration URL

  • Paste the URL copied from WebForceHQ CRM integration in the "Webhook URL" input field.



4. Enable Follow Up Payments

  • Select "Yes" for "Perform also for follow up payments."

5. Prefix GET Parameter Names

Important! Not doing this or doing it wrong may result in unexpected behavior or errors in data processing within WebForceHQ CRM.

  • Add the prefix {N} to the following parameters:

    • product_name changes to product{N}_name

    • product_name_intern changes to product{N}_name_intern

    • product_id changes to product{N}_id

    • product_quantity changes to product{N}_quantity



6. Activate Integration

  • Set "Active" to "Yes."

7. Add Notification Email

  • Provide an email address for receiving notifications.

8. Save Integration

  • Click on "Save" to finalize the new integration.

9. Test Connection

  • After saving, click on "Test Connection."

  • Verify the setup by checking for a successful response.




Usage Guide

Syncing Data

  • WebForceHQ CRM automatically receives webhook events from Digistore24.

  • Upon receiving a webhook, the system creates a lead in the CRM.

  • The system ensures that leads are unique to prevent duplicates.

Managing Customers

  • Leads created from Digistore24 orders are automatically added to the CRM.

  • Product information from the order is included as notes and tags for easy reference.

Automations and Workflows

  • Utilize lead creation events to trigger automated actions or workflows within WebForceHQ CRM.

  • Examples include sending welcome emails, assigning tasks, or updating lead statuses.


Common Issues

  • Duplicate leads being created: Ensure that the system is correctly identifying unique leads.

  • Missing order information: Check webhook settings and integration configurations.