ShipStation Integration


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you set up your Shipstation Integration


Pre Requisites:

  • Shipstation Account.

  • Live Key

  • Secret Key

  • API Key



Note for test transactions: 

When we place test transactions that go through this integration we need to have the word "Test" in the name field and in the address field.

If not, then the order will get shipped out.


Set up various integrations with ease. 


  • Click on Integrations on the left side menu. Here you can view all your current integrations.

  • Click the blue plus sign to add additional integrations

  • As you can see there are many different types of integrations to add. If you are looking for something specific like Shipping you can search by name or categories

  • You can either create a new Shipping Integration account from here or configure it if you already have the information. 

  • Every integration will require a key 

  • Here is ShipStation as an example:

  • Log into your ShipStation Account:

  • Navigate to settings and then accounts

  • Once here click API Settings

  • Once here, copy the API Keys and paste them into the coordinating fields within WebForce

  • Once you have added the keys and selected your store, check off if they are physical and/or digital products

  • Once information is entered, click save 

  • You will see your new ShipStation integration on the main integration screen. 


How to verify if the Integration is working:

  • Perform a live transaction and a test transaction.

  • Follow this walkthrough to perform a test transaction: Creating a Test Order

  • After performing the transaction check your orders


To check a live order go to Orders and select the Order number as shown below

To check a Test order just go to Orders and click the Funnel icon on the top right corner

Once you have selected the Funnel icon the dropdown will appear, just select Test and Apply to view only the Test orders

To check the ShipStation Integration you would need to go to Orders click the order number 

Select Notifications and the Status should be Successful. you can also click the 3 dots to the far right to View Details and see the information sent and received.



  • Shipstation Account.

  • Live Key

  • Secret Key

  • API Key