ClickBank Integration


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you integrate your click bank account into your WebForce CRM.


Pre Requisites:

  • Clickbank account

  • Developer API

  • Clerk API

  • INS API Key


Set up various integrations with ease. 

  • Click on Integrations on the left side menu. Here you can view all your current integrations. 

  • Click the blue plus sign to add additional integrations

  • As you can see there are many different types of integrations to add. Click Configure under ClickBank 

  • You can see here you will need a Developer API, Clerk API, and an INS API Key

  • For your Clerk Key: Open up a new tab and log in to your ClickBank account

  • Click Users

  • Click Create  New User

  • Note: Make sure "Is this an API-only User?" is check marked.

  • Fill in the rest of the fields like this: 

    1. Email/User:

    2. Description: WebForce CRM 

    3.  First Name: WebForce 

    4. Last Name: CRM 

  • Click Save 

  • Go back into your new user and click "manage permissions" 

    1. Enable all permissions 

    2. Copy your new API Key

  • Navigate back to WebForce and paste your API Key

  • Go back to your ClickBank account and Navigate to Accounts

  • Select the account or Create New Account. For the purpose of this walkthrough you already have an account.

  • Go to Account Settings 

  • Navigate to the bottom of the page until you see Developer/API Keys

  • If you have a key already, go ahead and copy and put it into WebForce under Developer Key 

  • If you don't have one click Create New

  • Put WebForce CRM as the description and click save. Go back to the previous page and you will see the new key. Copy  and Paste here:

  • Now you can leave the generated INS Key or add the Secret Key below.

  • Once all info is double checked, don't forget to click save

  • After saving a new page will appear and you will see an URL at the bottom, it must be used to configure your instant notifications in Clickbank.

  • In Clickbank, go to accounts and select one of your accounts (the same as steps 13 and 14).

  • Go to vendor settings

  • Scroll down to the Advanced Tools section and click on “Edit”

  • You will see a page like this:

For the purpose of this walkthrough you already have a notification URL defined


  • Paste the URL you copied from WebForce in one empty field and click on “TEST IPN”


  • Click on “Save changes”

  • The Secret Key in ClickBank must match with the “INS API key” in the WebForce UI, so if you already have a secret key defined in ClickBank copy and paste it into Webforce. On the contrary, you can put whatever you want but be sure the key is the same in both places.

  • If you want to enable the instant notification service in another account, follow the steps from 22 to 28. Keep in mind that when working with multiple accounts, they all must have the same Secret Key.

  • Finally, back in WebForce, enable ClickBank and click on save:


  • Once saved you will see this within your other integrations.

Setup Video.

How to verify if the integration is working:

  • Perform a live transaction and a test transaction.

  • You will see order/customer data in our system Under LEADS in real time.

Once you've verified within our CRM follow the next steps to verify the order on Clickbank


  • Provide order information in the Order Lookup fields. If you don't have your order number, you can use the zip code and/or the last four digits affiliated with the debit or credit card used for the purchase.

  • Click the Look Up My Order button



  • Clickbank account

  • Developer API

  • Clerk API

  • INS API Key