Setting Up NMI Gateway


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you set up the payment gateway of NMI so it can be used in our system. 


Pre Requisites:

  • An Active NMI Gateway 

  • API Keys 

  • API Configuration 


  • In the CRM go to "Settings" and click "Gateways"

  • Click on the blue plus sign or “add payment gateway” 

  • Choose from the many options listed below and hit “configure”

  • A new screen will be shown were we will need to add a unique name for the new gateway and our credentials.



Fetching our credentials from NMI’s panel

Now that we have our keys we can jump back to our Webforce instance and paste them in the corresponding input.

We can save this changes and the credentials will be saved.


API Response

This section is really important in order to process the transactions correctly.


Webforce uses API requests to communicate to NMI and process transactions it is really important that the API response from NMI includes the following two parameters:

  • Billing Address ID

  • Customer Vault ID

In order to make sure these values are included we should go back to the settings section on our NMI panel and click on the API Configuration option.

  • And from the API Configuration we will move the Billing Address ID and Customer Vault ID from the left column to the right column. After doing this it is important to save our changes.




How to verify if the gateway is working:

  • Perform a live transaction and a test transaction.

  • Follow this walkthrough to perform a test transaction: Creating a Test Order

  • After performing the transaction check your orders

To check a live order go to Orders and select the Order number as shown below


To check a Test order just go to Orders and click the Funnel icon on the top right corner


Once you have selected the Funnel icon the dropdown will appear, just select Test and Apply to view only the Test orders



For security reasons none of your card information reaches our server. Instead we use Collect.js which “tokenizes” the card and we send a token. This token is a representation of the credit card and that’s what it is used for charging the customer.

Due to the card information never reaching our server, we do not have the CVV and that is why the CVV validation for the first transaction must be disabled on NMI.

NMI customer support can help with this



  • An Active NMI Gateway 

  • API Keys 

  • API Configuration

Multi Processor ID (Merchant ID)

If you need more help with this set up, please don’t reach out to customer service, we’ll be happy to help you.

In our CRM system, we've implemented a seamless integration with the NMI gateway processor, allowing users to process deals using multiple processor IDs. When dealing with transactions involving various processor IDs, it is imperative to accurately input the desired processor ID into the corresponding form. Once the processor ID is correctly added, NMI will initiate the transaction, directing funds to the specified processor. It is crucial for users to exercise precision in this operation, as an incorrectly provided processor ID may lead to rejected transactions by the payment processor. To obtain the necessary processor ID, users are encouraged to reach out to our dedicated customer support team, ensuring a smooth and error-free transaction experience.

Once we have the processor id, we need to add it in the correspondin text field and save the changes. After doing this, every transaction processed using the gateway will be executed by the processor provided.