Everflow integration (New Version)


The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you set up your EverFlow Integration. inside the Webforce CRM


Pre Requisites:

  • WF account

  • Domain


Introduction & Previous Concepts

  • You should have an Everflow account.

  • Offers with direct linking are not supported.

  • Before starting, you should take into consideration that we use postbacks to generate conversions, so all of the offers you want to use through the integration must have the Conversion Method set to Server Postback.



Set up integration

  • Go to the Integrations menu and configure a new Everflow integration, you will see a screen like  this one 

  • If needed you can change Alia's name to identify this integration.

  • Login into your Everflow account  


1- For fetching the Network id you would need:

  • Go to Control center > Configuration

  • Copy the ID and paste it into the Network id field in our previous form.

  • In the same view go to the Domains tab, copy the primary one and paste it into the Domain field.



2- For getting the API key:

  • Go to Control center > Security if you are not able to see the Security option is due to your                     current user does not have this permission. Check this document to solve that problem.

  • Click on the +Api key button.

  • A form will appear, here give any Name to identify this key, select an Employee (we recommend you select an Employe with all the permissions enabled) and finally mark the option to grant all permissions.

  • A modal will appear, copy the key and paste it into our integration field in Webforce.



3- For getting the advertiser id:

  • Go to Advertisers > Manage

  • Click on the Advertiser you will work with, (our integration only supports 1 advertiser).

  • Here you can get the advertiser id also if the advertiser has a verification token copy it and put it in the Verification token field.

  • Click on the Save button and you have finished the initial setup.

You need to configure a couple of other things to generate conversions and trigger events. We have two ways to do this:

Finally, no matter which previous way you selected, you can additionally set up conversions for sales that happen in your Admin, Shop, or Subscriptions.



  • EverFlow account

  • Domain

  • API Key