Mailcoach Integration

The purpose of this walkthrough is to help you set up your Mailcoach account inside the Webforce CRM.

Pre Requisites:

  • Mailcoach account

  • Email List

  • API Keys

1.- Create Email List

Navigate to List (Menu) / Click on Create list Button
Create list Form

Fill all fields on the displayed form and click on Create list Button.

  • Name: the name of the list

  • From email: the email used to send welcome emails and subscribe emails.

  • From name: displayed name in emails

2.- Create API Keys

In the left menu, click on API Tokens.

In this section you can manage your created API Keys or create a new one.

In this case we gonna create a new one, you only need to fill the Token Name field and click on Create button.

After pressing the Create button, a pop-up window containing the token should appear. You must copy it and save it, because it will no longer be displayed.

3.- Configure Integration on Webforce CRM

Type mailcoach on the search field and click on Configure button.

To create a new Mailcoach integration you only need an API key and a URL. You can find it in the API Tokens section.

Fill out the form fields with the required information and click the SAVE button. After created you can manage all the advanced settings for this integration.


  1. List: the email list Uuid which the leads will be added (you can find this on the details of the List in Mailcoach Panel)

  2. Tag Prefix: it is the prefix that will be added to all tags that are created on Webforce side.

  3. Tags: additional tags that could be added to the lead.

  4. Product Tags: in this section you can control the type of tags that will be added to the lead coming from the products.

  5. Repeated tags: in this section you can control the type of tags that will be added to the lead coming from the transactions and if you want the tags to be repeated.

In this section you can manage which events you want to be reported through the integration.